Annonce de Markus Kortelainen.

Dear All,

I would like to let you know that I am looking for good post-doc candidate to work with me in Jyväskylä, Finland, for a fixed term position.

Anticipated grant from the Helsinki Institute of Physics theory program will allow to hire one post-doc and one PhD student.

Focus of the research program will be on beta- and gamma-decay rates of r-process nuclei, super allowed beta-decays to test unitarity of the CKM-matrix, neutrinoless double-beta-decay, and neutrino-nucleus scattering rates at supernova energies, all studied in the framework of nuclear DFT. Also, part of research activities will be directed towards development of novel nuclear EDFs, suitable for beyond mean field studies.

The candidate should have two letters of recommendation sent to me along with a curriculum vitae, publication list, and a one-page statement of research interests with special emphasis on the way he/she may wish to contribute to the project.

Applications for the post-doc position will be collected till December 31, 2013, or until position is filled. Employment can start on January 1, 2014, or later.

Best regards,

Markus Kortelainen