Post-doc CNRS de 3 ans à l'IPN Orsay.

Dear Colleagues,

at IPN Orsay, there is a possibility for a CNRS 3-year contract on the scientific project that you can find in attachment, under my supervision. For this post-doc position, the salary is calculated for each candidate according to the number of years after the PhD. There is a 2-step selection for these projects, done by some committees at CNRS. The first step concerns the project itself and I have just been informed that my project was selected. The second step is for the project + a candidate.

If you know good candidates who may be interested, do not hesitate to forward my mail and to encourage them to apply. To make the selection, I need a CV and 2 or 3 recommendation letters by the 20th of November (I know that it is very soon!). I will then choose one candidate and prepare the final application by including the CV and the letters. CNRS will rank the proposals + candidates. In January we should know something about the number of financed projects, but it is possible that the final decision will be taken by CNRS only in spring.

I thank you in advance for sending this mail to good candidates.

Best regards,