Post-doc à l'université de Stony Brook (USA).

A postdoctoral position is available in Nuclear Theory, starting from Summer or Fall 2015. We invite applicants with a Ph.D. in physics and research experience and interests in the following areas:

  • the non-perturbative QCD,
  • QCD at finite temperature/density,
  • physics of quark-gluon plasma,
  • AdS/CFT correspondence,
  • physics of high energy heavy ion collisions,
  • hadronic spin physics,
  • hadronic spectroscopy and scattering,
  • many-body theory.

For more details on the Stony Brook Nuclear Theory group, its members and activities see our home page.

Please submit your applications prior to December 24, 2014 to Diane Vigliotta (please cc: Edward Shuryak).

Please include CV, statement of research interests, and arrange to have your reference letters emailed to the address above.